Notices of Intent to Deny & Requests for Evidence

Requests for Evidence

McAllister Law Firm, PLLC approaches all cases with great attention to detail prior to filing the immigrant petition in order to facilitate successful outcomes and avoid unnecessary delays. The USCIS sometimes requires additional information and will send the petitioner a formal written Request for Evidence. If the response is untimely or insufficient, the USCIS will deny the case. McAllister Law Firm, PLLC assists clients with acquiring necessary documentation, evidence, and legal briefs that are responsive to the requests.

Notices of Intent to Deny

Notice of Intent to Deny

McAllister Law Firm, PLLC specializes in overcoming government allegations in Notices of Intent to Deny and undertakes a forensic approach to each case. The USCIS denies cases when an officer concludes that the applicants have given false testimony under oath in order to procure an immigration benefit as well as the insufficiency of evidence or missed deadlines. We have successfully helped clients overcome allegations of misrepresentations and discrepancies. In the most difficult cases, the USCIS relies on negative findings based on statements made during interviews or home investigations. We help our clients overcome negative findings that form the basis of potential denials by thoroughly examining the circumstances of their cases within a cultural and linguistic context.