We at McAllister Law Firm, PLLC know that Immigrants make America a more perfect union, which is embodied in our country’s motto, “e pluribus unum” – Latin for out of many, one.

We represent clients in all areas of immigration law and assist with consular processing.  Our Pontiac and Dearborn immigration attorneys serve the Metro-Detroit area and represent clients at the USCIS and ICE Field Offices as well as immigration court.  We also represent clients at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge.  Our attorneys will visit detained clients throughout Michigan within 24 hours.

McAllister Law Firm, PLLC prioritizes data security and utilizes technology to streamline the immigration process.  We prepare immigration forms with INSZoom, which is the leading forms software. Our clients have access to their case files via their secure and encrypted MyCase portals.

We speak fluent Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and provide Arabic translators upon request.

Call McAllister Law Firm, PLLC to start the immigration process at 313-279-7669.

For conference calls, call (800) 780-8834 and enter 5649.

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